Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wishlist: August !!!

Catrice Ultimate Colour - 030 Ginger & Fred

Beginning of the month, while writing the Catrice eyeshadow comparison, I saw this lipstick (almost seems like I'm Catrice obsessed hahaha). And while it's totally not what I usually go for, it's somehow stick in my head. Wish, wish, wish!

Lancôme - La vie est belle

I've been crazy about this perfume since it came out. Since I tend to get always new perfumes and never use up the olds, I decided to wait on this one. My Valentino Rock'n'Rose is almost finished, so I hope I can soon get my hands on this beauty.

NYX Eyeshadow in Rust

I love this color, adore it. Unfortunately I seem to never find it! I was able finally to get the Jumbo pencil from NYX, in the same color. Makes up for the loss…. still want to get it. The pencil is good, but I would love the eyeshadow.

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